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A Note from a  couple of friends:
"I became a Christian couple years ago, but something still didn't feel right in my heart. I tried and tried to fill the hole, but I didn't really get it. Tonight when I first came here, I didn't know the meaning of the word 'sanctification'. You showed me what it meant, and it is the best feeling I've ever had. Thank you!"
"Thank you for helping teach me about God. I had fun and learned a lot. I love you and will miss you. Please feed Mikey McMonkey some special bananas." (age 4)

Love Hangin' Out With Kids!

Balloon Tales and Jonah in the Fishy

Love Having Fun and Teaching Kids!



Ministry Background - Rev. Rob Diehl is a Family Evangelist, and an Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene. He has been preaching and teaching since 1984 through puppetry, storytelling and gospel illusions. He is a speaker and workshop leader in the local church as well as state and regional conferences. In 1995, Rob began full time ministry as Family Evangelist, ministering to more than 15,000 children and has traveled over 150,000 miles. God’s adventure has taken him to 22 States, as well as internationally in Barbados and Grenada, West Indies. He is married to Deb, Children's Pastor at Richmond West End Church of the Nazarene, and they have two children, Lauren and Josh.


Statement of Purpose - Dyno-Might Ministries is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, who are dedicated to the telling of God's "Good News" through creative ministries and teaching the leaders of today to reach out to their friends with excitement and enthusiasm.



Ministry Financial Requests

An agreed upon honorarium is acceptable. A fee is not set for this ministry, but please remember Pastor Rob is a full-time Children’s Evangelist and desires to honor God in the area of finances, too.


Suggested Honorarium:    $  250.00/day or what you can afford

 ** Love Offering may be accepted to fill empty calendar days **


Housing, Mileage and a food allowance are requested. Thank you for providing for expenses.

* Housing: Provide a Hotel Room with microwave/fridge

* Travel:  .50/mile

* Food Allowance is appreciated


Please feel free to contact us if you cannot meet the above honorariums so we can discuss the possibilities.  God tells us to “GO” and we know He will supply our need. Children are our number one priority.


VBS, Children or Family Revival - Need a new spark? Get ready for a “Dyno-Might” time...after all, enthusiasm is contagious.  Have a separate children’s revival or include the whole family in the fun!





“Dyno-Might Ministries” staff presents a “jam-packed” 3, 5 or 7 days of frazzled fun and fantastic learning experiences. That’s just our way of capturing attention and earning respect. Then...it is possible to present the Gospel to the children in a way they will never forget. This is truly a FAMILY REVIVAL. Opportunities are given on a number of occasions to accept Jesus as personal Savior. What a way to go!


Here is an overview of current theme…

 “Route 77: Highway to Heaven” Come on down to Bubba’s “Fix-It-Up Shop” for a tune-up of your heart and will. It will be a “high octane” time with great music and a cast of exciting characters & puppets. Pastor Rob preaches the Gospel message using the “Junk in the Trunk” theme about letting go and letting God take total control of your life!  



Summer Camp – the opportunity to interact with the children in all the activities during camp, not just during chapel time, is a special joy. They will see Pastor Rob out and about all week long. Ask about our Morning Calesthenics – great wake-up, high energy music! Throughout the week of camp God helps us build relationships and present the gospel through many creative ways. A high emphasis is placed on music, message and a life change.


Family Worship Services -

“Aim for the head of a child, and you’ll hit an adult right in the heart

Family worship services are geared for all ages. Laughter is a key element, as well as tears, as the Holy Spirit makes His presence known. Here’s a sample:

   * Active Songs for praise and worship

   * Live Puppet Skit with interaction

   * Awesome Storytelling with crazy props and balloons

   * Illusions filled with giggles and Gospel truths followed by invitation


Creative Ministry Education –

Gospel Illusion & Puppet Seminars

“Do it for them for a day or teach them...and it lasts a lifetime”

“Hands on” is the best! Learn puppet performing, cskits and gospel illusion or balloon art. Use these new talents with a same day ministry trip to preschool or hospital!



Parties & Events: Deb Diehl  540-525-1550
Ministry: Rev. Rob Diehl  804-370-2794
"Entertaining Michiana - Ministering to the World!"