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Dyno-Might Entertainment - Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Magic Shows, Puppet Shows & more!

Puppet Shows

Lots of fun colorful puppets in each show!


"Wiggles & Giggles" Puppet Show
- $ 175.00

The ultimate in interactive puppetry - kids get to dance and shout during this creatively crazy show including live puppetry, "wiggle" songs and general silliness to get the "giggles" going. Smiles guaranteed! (30 minute show)

Make A Fuzzy Finger Puppet
& 'Tons of Fun' Puppet Show - $ 225.00

Each child (up to 25) decorates a soft mouth fleece creature puppet from their own imagination for 15 minutes, then enjoy our professional 30 minute "Wiggles & Giggles" Puppet Show, followed by 15 minutes of kids performing a song behind stage with their very own finger puppet...the STARS of the show!  Total Package -1 hour. (Add'l Kids $1 each)

Make Your Own Creature Puppet & Show - $ 275.00

Each child (up to 20) decorates a hand-sized soft mouth creature puppet with their own imagination for 15 minutes, then enjoy our professional 30 minute "Wiggles & Giggles" Puppet Show, followed by 15 minutes of kids performing a song behind stage with their very own puppet...the STARS of the show! Total Package -1 hour.
(Add'l Kids $5 each)


"Crazy Christmas Caper" Puppet Show - $ 175.00

Kids from 1-101 will laugh with joy at the antics of the crazy puppets as the bring holiday musical cheer and a whimsical puppetry look at Christmas that points to the power of the holiday...LOVE!
Choose 'holiday' or 'religious' version - (30 minutes)




We provide ALL the supplies for kids to Make-A-Puppet

Making Hand-Sized 'Creature' Puppet

Kids will enjoy performing behind stage!

Parties & Events: Deb Diehl  540-525-1550
Ministry: Rev. Rob Diehl  804-370-2794
"Entertaining Michiana, Indiana, Ohio & beyond!"