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Multi-Generational Worship

Preaching God's Word using the most outrageous object lessons, crazy puppets, gospel illusions all while getting into the Bible with the whole family.

"Aim at the head of a child

and you hit an adult right in the heart."

Weekend Themes:

Not Of This World     Rescue 9-1-1

     (John 18:36)          (Acts 9:1-11)

Single Service

The Firey Furnace

(Daniel 3)

Family Praying

Children's Camp/Pre-Teen Retreat

Our God given ability to quickly connect with kids allows us the opportunity to present the Gospel in a fun and relevant way. Kids love the characters, songs, stories, gospel illusions, games and object lessons. They   are having so much fun that they don't even realize they              are learning about God's plan for them! We tailer                            fit the program to your needs. We provide                                 a complete set, games, songs and preaching.                   Kids can hear from God and understand and receive Christ as Savior. We believe in low pressure alter services that result in salvation and sanctification.


Vacation Bible School

Looking for something different than the mega-publisher "Every church is doing the same thing" VBS? Having difficulty finding enough volunteers to man all the posts?

We have a solution!


We supply the group music, opening, closing, Bible story time and Bible memorization. Your group decides what you want to add:





We even organize a Sunday closing involving all the kids!

Kids in Church
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